Wednesday, May 5, 2010

.Net Interview questions

  1. If a class have have a private constructor, can we create an instance to that class?

  2. What is instanciation and reference?

  3. Tell me few differences between Stored procedures and functions?

  4. What is Polymorphism?

  5. If abstract class have other than static methods, can we create instance for abstract class? If not how can we access those methods?

  6. What is an abstract class and an Interface? Mention Similarities and differences?

  7. What is the difference between Union and Union All in Sql Server?

  8. Joins and Types what is the usage?

  9. How can we say our application is secure?

  10. Types of Indexes in Sql Server? What are the advantages of those?

  11. How can you communicate with layers, what type of objects you used to communicate?

  12. Explain how can we communicate with DB with Login info?

  13. What are the differences between DataSet and DataReader?

  14. What is a design pattern? Is it madatory in project? What kind of pattern you follow?

  15. What is the statement(method) used to commit changes in a DataSet?

  16. If an exception is raised within a catch block how do you handle this?

  17. What are differences between an ArrayList and HashTable?

  18. What are differences in between the methods Server.Transfer() and Response.Redirect()?

  19. How do you handle errors in stored procedure?

  20. If two interfaces have same mehods how can you override?

  21. How can you access server variables in Javasrcipt?

  22. In how many ways we can access a UserControl?

  23. For a database table, at maximum how many number of triggers can create?

  24. What is static class and what is static constructor?

  25. If in a UserControl we a dropdownlist with elements of countries, I used this user control in an aspx page, how can I access that usercontrol's dropdownlist?

  26. If we have both Managed and Unmanaged code in one application, then if the execution is going in Unmanged code, then how can you return back to your managed code?

  27. What are the basic commands to dump text (or csv) file data into a sql server table?

  28. For example in one table we have only one column with identity set is true, how can you insert a record into that table?

  29. How can you deploy manifest file with the assembly?

  30. What is custom control? What is User control?

  31. How can add a custom event to a class?

  32. What are the new data types in Sql Server 2005?

  33. What are the Authentication types available in

  34. What is the basic .net framework architecure?

  35. In subversion control(Ankh SVN) how do you manage your code if both are updating same file at same time?

  36. What is encapsulation?

  37. If you bind records in Grid, and a Html Table, which give a better performance?

  38. What are the differences between DataGrid and GridView?

  39. Can we update Sql Server View?

  40. At max, how many parameters can have in a sql server stored procedure?

  41. HTTP vs HTTPS?

  42. What are differeces and advantage with JavaScript and validation controls?

  43. What are the difficulties you face when application developed in IIS 5.0 and production environment is IIS 6.0?

  44. What is Stack Trace?

  45. What are the differences between Throw ex and Throw?

  46. How can we handle runtime error globally in dot net application?

  47. What are the differences between Application and Web servers?

  48. What are the differences between WCF and Web Services?

  49. How can we access the other page values in the current page; if there are two different applications. For example, one application is in SAP server from there after submitting all values in one of the page it will redirect to server with those values.

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